Cara Download Antivirus Artav 2.5 gratis

Antivirus Karya anak bangsa untuk virus lokal yang menjengkelkan. Dia adalah ARRIVAL DWI SENTOSA seorang anak muda belia dari Indonesia yang masih duduk di bangku SMP. Virus-virus yang menjengkelkan seperti Virus dan lain-lainnya. Anda Bisa download AV Artav yang Versi 2.5 Terbaru. Keunggulan di Antivirus Artav ada pada berbagai fitur-fitur terbarunya.
Berbagai Fitur-fiturnya yang saya ambil di situs resminya Artav:
Perbaikan Fitur :
*Perbaikan Detect Virus Trojan Generik NOD32
*Perbaikan Uninstall Tidak Bersih
*Perbaikan ART-AnKey, Algorithma Code untuk mengelabui Keylogger

Penambahan Fitur :
*Penambahan 53 Variant Virus
*Penambahan Form Laporan Pemeriksaan
*Perubahan Tampilan Utama
*Menetapkan Hitam Sebagai Warna Default ARTAV

Untuk yang versi terbaru dari AV Artav versi 2.5 ada di link ini, dan jika anda ingin mendownload AV ini ada di link tersebut secara gratis. Caranya buka link tersebut, terus cari tulisan downloadnya. Download secara online dehhh dengan mengklik save. Artav Anti virus berkapasitas 5 MB... anda pun nantinya bisa install secara offline. Selamat mencoba kawan...
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Google Affiliate Network Tutorials Guide

Here is a tutorial guide Google Affiliate Network, which is a program from Google on business networks. If you are interested to benefit and learn to find success, you have to look at this.
Google launched Google Affiliate Network which will accompaniment Google's AdSense. Google Associate Network Pay Per Action / Cost Per Action (PPA / CPA) announcement program. That is, you will get paid for every time you drive a auction or added conversion. For example, addition buys a book from the links you see, you will get a agency for it. Official Adsense blog.
Then abounding AdSense publishers accept started application the Google Associate Network, to accompaniment their AdSense ads and acquire added income.
Here is a adviser how to alpha Google Affiliate Network which I got from assorted sources:
1. You must signing up for an account Affiliate Network with Google AdSense Administrator ID.
2. When you anon after wards you are accustomed for the Google Associate Network, assurance in and administer for advertiser programs.
3. And tha you hav follow the instructions to activate announcement announcement amount per action.
Check out the Beginner's Adviser to advice you through the action of acceptable a acknowledged associate administrator and accumulate account for answers to frequently asked questions.
PPA / CPA announcement affiliate ever there is a acceptable abstraction to accomplish money online, abnormally if your visitors appear from non US countries because online purchases are not allotment of a addiction for bodies alfresco the U.S. (and / or European countries).
So now, balloon it affiliate programs Google if you ambition your visitors alfresco the U.S., and hopefully this advice will be advantageous for us all.

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How to Spread Gonorrhea

pus or gonorrhea Urinary (GO) is one of the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) best generally occur. Affection are absolutely accessible but some bodies acquaintance no symptoms. How is it passed?

As quoted from WebMD, 29-6-2010 on Tuesday, gonorrhea is acquired by bacilli alleged Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which was aboriginal articular in the year 1879.

People afflicted by accepted application gonorrhea aboriginal time back acquaintance with an adulterated being during animal action through vaginal, oral, anal.

While non-sexual acquaintance occurred in abundant women adulterated with gonorrhea and again address to her adolescent during delivery.

These bacilli access through the close lining of the urethra (urinary tract), cervix, rectum (lane colon to the anus) and the throat or the whites of the eyes (conjunctiva).

Gonorrhea can advance through the bloodstream to added anatomy parts, abnormally the bark and joints. In women, gonorrhea can acceleration to the animal amplitude and affect the lining of the abdomen causing pelvic affliction and changeable disturbances.

The evolution aeon from acknowledgment to the bacilli time to advance affection is usually two to bristles days. But, ability not be appropriate until 30 days.

Symptoms in women

In women, aboriginal affection are sometimes so balmy to be mistaken with a float infection or vaginal infection.

Symptoms may include:

Frequent urination and affliction

Anal itching, affliction and bleeding

Abnormal vaginal acquittal

Abnormal vaginal bleeding during or afterwards sex or amid menstrual periods

Genital crawling

Irregular menstrual bleeding

Lower belly affliction

Irregular menstrual bleeding

Gland abscess and affliction at the aperture of the vagina (Bartholin glands)

Painful action

A rare, abscessed throat and eye diseases transmitted

Symptoms in men

In men, affection usually bright enough, but some bodies acquaintance balmy affection or no affection and can aback address gonorrhea infections to sex partner.

Symptoms may include:

Abnormal penis aqueous (looks like milk at first, again yellow, soft, and excessive, sometimes claret bluish)

Frequent urination and affliction

Anal itching, affliction and bleeding

A rare, abscessed throat and eye diseases transmitted

Symptoms of gonorrhea that has advance from animal to added areas include:


Arthritis or arthritis

Inflamed bond

People who are accessible and apparent to gonorrhea transmission:

High-density burghal areas amid adolescent bodies beneath the age of 24 years who accept assorted sex ally and accepting sex after condoms

Gonorrhea infections are 1.5 times added accepted in men than in women

Although gonorrhea is an STD, there is some affirmation to advance that it can appear for pubic lice, which can be begin in bedraggled places

Gonorrhea is usually advance through caught vaginal and anal sex

Contacts articulate gonorrhea generally do not address

Gonorrhea bacilli brand balmy and boiling areas like the mouth, rectum, vagina and urethra

Gonorrhea can be transmitted from mother to babyish during bearing


Treatment of gonorrhea usually with a distinct bang of ceftriaxone intramuscularly (through the muscle) or by giving antibiotics per-oral (by mouth) for a anniversary (usually accustomed doxycycline).

If gonorrhea has advance through the bloodstream, patients are usually ailing and accept antibiotics intravenously (through a vein, intravenous fluids).
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